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Power at your fingertips, with a look you know!
You got your start with analog meters. You know 'em well. Then you went to typical scan tools and digitial diagnostic troubleshooting. Now comes Genisys, the original next generation scan tool, but we haven't forgotten what you're familiar with!
genisys screen
Live data graph Data graphing of OBD I vehicles is now available. No simple line graphing; real diagnostic power. You can graph data from 1980 thru 2001 domestic, and 1983 thru 2000 import vehicles including all OBD II-compliant vehicles through 2002. That means you can graph with your Pathfinder '99, Pathfinder II, ABS '98, and/or Import '96 cartridges.
Deluxe screens give you the data you need in the manner best suited for almost any diagnostic challenge. You get graphic analog meters with a look you're familiar with, a representation of the Enhanced Monitor LEDs, and switch LEDs. Of course, you still get Min/Max values and graphs of selected sensors. All that, on one screen!Analog, Monitor and Switch LEDs
Failed test image OBD II Diagnostic Test with printout makes the Mega Release a real money maker! A fast, self-running test to diagnose MIL Light Readiness Test, and DTC Status. Genisys gives "Pass/Fail" result. You've got customers who want to know if their vehicle can pass state or local OBD II emission standards. Sell them on this test; then sell any necessary repairs so your customers have the confidence their vehicles will pass!
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